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Product Description

The Home Office Wellbeing tea selection brings you a variety of flavours and wellness benefits to power you through your working day at home, from dusk till dawn.
Taking breaks when working from home is so critical for our mindset and overall wellbeing.
This pack provides you with 4 specialised teas for 4 special breaks; getting you going in the morning, focusing during the day, energising after lunch, and winding down after work.
The perfect gift to buy for your team!
If you would like to place a large order please contact bulkorders@intervino.co.uk 
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PG tips Immunity: To brew the perfect morning cuppa, pop your pyramid tea bag in hot water, let the flavour infuse for 1-2 minutes, add milk and sugar if preferred, then enjoy

Pukka teas: Every herb loves the water, so leave them to steep for the perfect brew. Infuse from 5 for up to 15 minutes.

How to dispose of our tea packaging

- PG tips plant-based tea bags are fully biodegradable so the best place for them is in your food waste bin.
- Every Pukka plastic-free tea bag can go in your food waste bin and it comes in its own recyclable envelope which can go into your paper recycling bin after use.
- All our boxes are made using PEFC certified cardboard and are fully recyclable. Please dispose of them in your paper recycling bin.


PG tips Plus Immunity, Pukka Herbs Supreme Matcha, Mint Refresh, Night Time